Why Cloaked Wireless

We created Cloaked Wireless to introduce a wireless offering that protects our customers against the threat of SIM swap attacks. Whether you are a cybersecurity professional looking to protect your company’s assets and data or just a privacy and security-conscious individual, Cloaked Wireless is the first and only wireless provider in the US to offer this level of protection against SIM swap attacks.

3 Authentication Options

Cloaked Wireless subscribers can choose from 3 types of authentication technologies to access or modify their accounts.

1)A traditional username and password plus Time based 2FA (TOTP). 

2) Use a U2F device (FIDO) to access your account. 

3) Use your Lighting wallet to authenticate yourself (Webauth).

Only You Can Modify Your Account

Cloaked support and operations employees do not have access to modify accounts, authorize SIM swaps, or authorize port outs. 

Only Cloaked Wireless subscribers can do this once they have authenticated and accessed their accounts. 

Cloaked Wireless is your best protection against unauthorized SIM swaps and port-out scams.

Exceptional 5G Network With Nationwide Coverage

Cloaked Wireless is powered by an exceptional nationwide 5G/4G network that delivers the coverage people want. 

You get the same great service you’re used to without needing to sacrifice privacy or security. With blazing fast 5G speeds up to 15x faster than 4G networks, you’ll be able to stream, download, and browse uninterrupted. 

Our 5G signal goes farther and ensures better coverage and a strong connection in dense cities and rural areas.

Privacy Matters

At Cloaked Wireless we believe that your data belongs to you. That’s why we don’t collect data that isn’t required to provide you with your wireless service. 

We have strict data retention and privacy policies. We will never sell your data to 3rd parties like other providers.

Switch In Minutes

We’ve made it simple to transfer your existing wireless number from your current provider. 

Simply choose your plan, pick eSIM or physical SIM, and then choose from multiple payment options (like Bitcoin over lightning). Best of all, because we believe in BYOE (Bring Your Own Everything) you can bring your unlocked phone and keep your number.

Security & Privacy First

Cloaked Wireless was founded by world-class information security experts. Decades of experience and expertise goes into auditing, testing, and making sure that our systems and your wireless experience are safe, secure, and protected against malicious intent. This is also how Cloaked Wireless can continually introduce new features to enhance the security and privacy of our subscriber’s wireless service.

Peace of mind at no extra cost

At Cloaked Wireless, you are the only one that can modify your account. That means you control SIM swaps, port outs, and all other details of your wireless service.

You know what they say: not your keys, not your number.

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