Exceptional Wireless for Privacy and Security Conscience Individuals

Private & Secure Wireless for Everyone

Protect yourself from SIM swap attacks today with a plan that meets your needs

Powered by an exceptional 5g network with nationwide coverage without the vulnerabilities of legacy providers

Secure 2nd SIM


Per Month



Per Month



Per Month

Secure Max


Per Month

If data limits are exceeded, speed will be restricted until the next billing cycle.

How it works

Step 1

Check Your Coverage

Verify coverage in your area by entering the zip code.

Step 2

Check Phone Compatibility

Verify your device using
the IMEI

Step 3

Your Plan

Select the plan that suits your needs

Step 4

Secure Your Account

Choose the level of security
you want for your account

Cloaked Wireless features

Check coverage
or compatibility

Cloaked Wireless Will Be Launching in Late 2023

Private & Secure Wireless for Everyone

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