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Want to help protect your audience / customers from SIM swap attacks AND earn passive income with Cloaked Wireless?


Is your audience tired of having their data monetized by their wireless companies? Do they crave rock-solid security and protection against SIM swap attacks?


Cloaked Wireless offers the ultimate solution: a privacy-focused wireless service built on top of an exceptional nationwide 5g network.


Become a Partner, Earn Passively:

Imagine earning by simply sharing the power of Cloaked Wireless with your security-conscious audience. Our affiliate program lets you promote our services and build passive income.

Why Partner with Cloaked Wireless?

  • Unique Selling Proposition: We offer unparalleled security and privacy features in the wireless market while also accepting Bitcoin for payment.
  • Target a Thriving Market: The demand for secure wireless service is exploding, especially among Bitcoin users and privacy advocates.
  • Lucrative Recurring Commissions: Earn a generous commission every month your referred customer is with Cloaked Wireless (up-to 2 years).
  • Custom Discount Codes: With a unique discount code that you can share to your audience we can track your sales and they can benefit from the discount.
  • When-you-want sponsor your any of your content: Use your affiliate code to have Cloaked Wireless sponsor any of your unused ad space or unsponsored content.

Ready to join the secure-wireless revolution?

Sign up for the Cloaked Wireless Affiliate Program Today!

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Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to earn while empowering your audience to take control of their online privacy.

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