America's safest and most private wireless service

Cloaked Wireless uses crytographically proven authentication technologies and prevents staff from modifying customer accounts creating the best protection against SIM swap attacks available

“Unlike most providers, Cloaked Wireless’ staff have no ability to modify accounts”

“Cloaked wireless provides wireless subscribers with unparalleled protection”

“Consumers need a wireless option with a primary focus on security, which is exactly what Cloaked Wireless is launching.”

Protect Your Mobile Life with Unmatched Security

Unlimited data plans powered by an exceptional 5G network with nationwide coverage.

Secure SMS


Per Month

Secure 10


Per Month

Secure 20


Per Month

Secure Max


Per Month

*If data limits are exceeded, speed will be restricted to 256kb/s until the next billing cycle.

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Cloaked Wireless features

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